Go from No Pod to PRO Pod in 90 Days!

The PRO Podcast Playbook was created from over 15 years of blood, sweat and tears from Artist, Producer and Podcast Coach, Mike Schwartz to provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to create and integrate a professional podcast into your unique business needs. You'll learn to optimize and monetize a world-class, self-produced podcast and utilize your voice as the "Trogan Horse" of your marketing strategy.

Learn how to host, how to use the pro gear so you sound crystal clear and get the inside on all the production tricks to save you time and energy to make your podcast the secret weapon of your business' marketing strategy - all in 90 days! Build confidence on the mic. Build confidence when booking guests and create a magical atmosphere that fosters candid curiosity.

Hone your storytelling  ability to learn how to turn your message into money. Learn how to grow  your audience one fan at a time and build longterm relationships with your ideal clients so they get to know, love and trust you. Systemize and Monetize your podcast production with the help of the best Podcast Coach in the business.

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Class starts on September 11th, 2023

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The B.A.M. (Bare Ass Minimum) Audio Gear Guide that’s tailored to your budget so you have the sweetest audio that’s music to people's ears. ($97 Value)

A Bonus 1:1 Podcast Strategy Call with me to go over booking expert guests, getting sponsors with ease, technical audio questions, monetization, hosting a rad show… you name it. ($287 Value)

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